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Important reminder about content

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Shared by Caterina • September 26, 2023

Hello Spreaker friends, it is time for a reminder! 🔔

If you have doubts about the content you can use on your podcast and if you wish to use copyrighted content, or content not originally made by you (like music mixes, songs, and audio clips) during your podcasts or broadcasts, please be aware that it is your responsibility to obtain any permissions or licenses.

However, please note that we do not allow copyrighted on the platform, and they can and will be removed once they are located. 🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏽‍♀️

Do you wonder if is music able to be played on Spreaker? 🎸 Spreaker is a podcasting company, which is supposed to be talk-centered. Please note that after further review if we have been notified, or detected that the content contains mostly music, it will be removed.

As stated within our Terms and Conditions as well as our Spreaker Community Rules, Spreaker is a podcast platform. Podcasts are meant to be in spoken format. This means that content that includes any DJ mixes, or music tracks is not allowed on the platform and they can and will be removed once they are located.

The laws and our terms about infringed rules are very strict.

So let's be creative! Share your voice with the world, just don’t infringe on other people’s copyrights when you do. We are eager to listen your next extraordinary podcast episode! 💥


On-Platform Revenue Split

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Shared by Caterina • September 06, 2023

September: as the lazy days of August dwindle away, the fall months are drawing closer.

How do you feel about it? Are you already nostalgic about summer nights or eager to see leaves falling? 🏖️🍂

We at Spreaker love September because it is always full of thrilling news.

If your September good intentions plan is to keep working on your podcast or start a new one, we have something exciting for you.

For every download made on the Spreaker Website, Player app, or Widget, you will receive a boost of 10% on your revenues.

Spreaker is proud to reward creators’ high-quality content when downloaded through Spreaker’s channels.

You can start suggesting your listeners to use the Spreaker app to listen to your content now. You will be rewarded! 😉

Embedding your podcast

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Shared by Filippo • August 24, 2023

Hello Spreaker podcasters 🙌🏽

If you have a website, do not forget that you can put the Spreaker embeddable podcast player on your pages.

You still have your hosting, play counts, and more taken care of by Spreaker.

Embedding the Spreaker player has many benefits such as:

  • People can listen and discover your podcast while browsing your site or where you embedded it (you can use this also to cross-promote your show)
  • Reach even more audience by increasing your podcast accessibility with transcriptions visible on the widget, nobody in the industry has this feature!
  • Listeners can comment, download and share your embedded episodes and podcast
  • You can customize it and match it to your branding. You can change player’s theme, size, and elements visibility and much more.

Start embedding your podcasts and episodes now!

Product update

The Free Plan

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Shared by Caterina • August 11, 2023

Hey there, podcasting maestro! 🎙️

We are here to introduce Spreaker’s Free Plan – your passport to a podcasting oasis where you can recharge your inspiration, rejuvenate your energy, and most importantly, avoid leaving any money on the table. 🌟

That’s right, you don’t have to hit pause on your podcast or your earnings. Here’s a sneak peek at the treasure trove of benefits our Free Plan unfolds:

  • Monetization: No more missed opportunities. Your podcast, even on the Free Plan, becomes a revenue generator. So, while you’re recharging, your podcast keeps earning, effortlessly.
  • Unleash Unlimited Creativity: Your creativity shouldn’t be stifled, even when you’re taking a podcasting siesta. Craft unlimited episodes across a single podcast, ensuring your ideas flow freely, even while you’re soaking up some downtime.
  • Distribution: Your voice, your story – heard far and wide. Our Free Plan ensures your podcast reaches ears on major platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, amplifying your reach even as you relax.
  • RSS Customization: tailor your RSS Feeds to reflect your unique style, making every episode an extension of your artistic vision.

Got questions, thoughts, or just want to share your podcasting dreams? We’re here, eagerly waiting to hear from you. Your success is our anthem, and we’re here to compose the symphony of your podcasting achievements. 🎵 🌠

So, why wait? Unleash your podcasting prowess with Spreaker’s Free Plan today. Your journey – enriched with inspiration and income – starts here. 🎧💪

Spreaker Prime Network

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Shared by Filippo • July 27, 2023

Have you noticed that some of our podcasts have a cool green badge now? Wondering what it means?

This is the new Spreaker Prime Network badge!

Spreaker Prime is a tailored free hosting and monetization plan designed to enable creators to earn the most money 💲 Maximizing ad revenue, increasing exposure, and streamlining publishing.

A talent pool for iHeartPodcasts, the Spreaker Prime Network is home to the best of the best in independent podcasting 🎧

Being on Prime Network means also being visible to potential advertisers and sponsors: now even more so with the badge! Also, listeners will be able to easily discover Prime podcasts on our platform thanks to this feature.

Would you like to apply and become part of this incredible network?

Don't miss this opportunity and click here.

Product update


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Shared by Caterina • July 12, 2023

Hello! Hello! 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️

Have you ever thought of making your podcast more accessible with transcripts?

A transcript is a written version of an audio track and it can offer you many benefits, as it can help you to index your episode and make it quickly found online. Also, when a transcript is available for your episodes, your listeners can easily search through the content and find information they are interested in.

At Spreaker we made really easy to add a transcript for your podcast. You can use two amazing tools:

You can find all the info here.
Did you also know that our embedded player widget allows for the use of transcripts to be displayed directly from your own website? When using FreePodcastTranscription or Musixmatch and having your transcription in the SRT format, your transcription will be readily available for listeners wherever your player is displayed.
Don’t miss this opportunity and start creating your transcripts!


Google Pay and Apple Pay for your subscriptions

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Shared by Community • June 28, 2023

Hello Spreaker podcasters, finally summer is here!☀️

It is that time of the year when we just want to relax and 🎵don't worry about a thing🎵.

That's why we are happy to share with you that we have introduced two new easy payments methods for your subscriptions: Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you have enabled them on your device, you can select them at the check-out and enjoy the Pro features on your plan.

Haven't activated a Pro plan yet and you want to know more about the features we offer? Have a look here!

Feature update

New one-click distribution: Amazon!

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Shared by Caterina • June 14, 2023

Hi there,

Did you know that now is even easier to distribute your podcast to Amazon? Spreaker gives you the chance to potentially reach millions of listeners on Amazon Music and Audible in just one click.

From your distribution page, select Amazon and click on Submit and be ready to grow your audience.

Easy, right? 🤗


Collaboration is now available on the Anchorman plan!

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Shared by Filippo • June 14, 2023

Hey there,

Do you have a team with creators, producers, and other collaborators but struggle to manage permissions and roles?

Now Anchorman users can invite users to collaborate on a specific podcast or to your user's organization; this will allow you to:

  • Coordinate with collaborators without being the bottleneck
  • Enable and involve your team in managing podcasts and improving production, launch, and growth efficiency
  • Set different privileges for different types of collaborators (podcast or organization level)