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Shared by Caterina β€’ January 11, 2024

Happy New Year Spreaker community! 🍾

We wish you and your podcast the best for this 2024. Future is unpredictable, but we know we will for sure stay by your side and help you grow with our Revenue boost!

You are probably aware that listens from Spreaker products give you a 10% revenue boost: you can make more money with your listens directly on Spreaker! (app, website, widget)

And, speaking of Spreaker products, are you familiar with our Spreaker App? It’s the best listening and community experience for your audience!

Here are some reasons to push your listeners to Spreaker:

πŸ€‘ Do we need to remind you of the 10% revenue boost? Every listen counts more on Spreaker.

⭐️ It’s available both on iOS and Android: if you want to reach all your listeners, the Spreaker app is the perfect place.

πŸ‘‘ Your audience can be part of your Supporters Club. Get recurrent tipping from your fanbase as your dedicated listener supports your content and/or for getting access to exclusive content (similar to Patreon).

πŸ“± Make yourself discoverable: we have Instagram stories sharing, as well as sharing to all the main social networks!

🌎 The app is available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Show your audience how easy it is to listen to your content on our Spreaker app, you are going to see your revenue boosted!