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Advertise your podcast with AdHub

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Shared by Andrea • April 17, 2024

🇺🇸 AdHub is our self-advertising tool, available for US users. It gives you the chance to promote your podcast with an audio ad on other targeted podcasts and be discovered by new listeners.

📣 Thanks to our dynamic advertising technology, your own promo can be automatically inserted into Spreaker’s massive catalog of podcasts and be heard by thousands of listeners regardless of the app they use.

AdHub gives you the ability to reach target listeners by allowing you to choose categories and audience interests to make sure that your audio promo is attracting the right listeners to your podcast. It also gives you the ability to track and see your results, in terms of impressions, geolocation, and categories.

If, for example, you have a podcast that specifically focuses on healthy eating and nutrition, you can upload an ad on AdHub, and specifically target podcast listeners who are interested in health & fitness. In this way, you are focusing on targeting people who not only are already podcast listeners but who are interested in your specific podcast topic. That is a good opportunity to increase listens and revenues.

🗣️ AdHub it is also the perfect tool if you want to launch a new podcast, you want to promote an event or why not your own business to people interested about that topic.

If you have doubts, you can check our dedicated section on the Help Center.

And if you would like to have this feature in your country and it is not available yet, please let us know and we will share your feedback with our team.