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Why choosing the Supporters Club?

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Shared by Marina • June 05, 2024

You may already know how special the Supporters Club is, and you may already know it is designed to empower your most dedicated fans to contribute directly to the success of your podcast.

However, do you know what set Spreaker Supporters Club apart from other similar tools?

Do you know why the Supporters Club it is the best choice for your podcast subscription?

If you are wondering why choosing the Supporters Club and not, for example, Patreon or BuyMeaCoffee, here it is the answer:

🤑 No Fees: Unlike other membership programs, the Supporter's Club is completely free for you and your listeners to join. This means more money stays in your pocket to invest back into your podcast.

🏡 No setting up complex payment systems or managing subscriptions : The Supporter's Club handles it all for you, inside your podcasting platform, so you can keep doing what you do best - being an incredible podcaster and not wasting time jumping from a platform to another.

Are you looking for a simple, hassle-free way to allow your listeners to support your show? Look no further than Spreaker's Supporters Club program.