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Here comes the Sun...and the sale!

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Shared by Caterina • June 26, 2024

Hello beloved community,

Are you already packing and ready to go on a summer adventure somewhere in the world?

🎧 We at Spreaker love summer and we truly believe this is the best season to listen to a podcast either relaxing under a sun umbrella or trekking in the forest. Do you agree with us?

☀️ That's why we decided to launch a summer campaign. We want to let you explore new opportunities and take your podcast on an adventure with you.

With our Pro plans, you can:

⚽︎ Level up your podcasting game with better statistics

🛣️ Break free from limitations: enjoy unlimited content creation.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Get unlimited collaborations and reap the benefits of having a dynamic team

👑 Activate the Supporters Club: an additional revenue stream for podcast creators

Do not miss this opportunity to get 50% off the Broadcaster or Anchorman plan up to 6 months, activate the discount now!