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Here comes the Sun...and the sale!

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Shared by Caterina • June 26, 2024

Hello beloved community,

Are you already packing and ready to go on a summer adventure somewhere in the world?

🎧 We at Spreaker love summer and we truly believe this is the best season to listen to a podcast either relaxing under a sun umbrella or trekking in the forest. Do you agree with us?

☀️ That's why we decided to launch a summer campaign. We want to let you explore new opportunities and take your podcast on an adventure with you.

With our Pro plans, you can:

⚽︎ Level up your podcasting game with better statistics

🛣️ Break free from limitations: enjoy unlimited content creation.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Get unlimited collaborations and reap the benefits of having a dynamic team

👑 Activate the Supporters Club: an additional revenue stream for podcast creators

Do not miss this opportunity to get 50% off the Broadcaster or Anchorman plan up to 6 months, activate the discount now!

Product update

Why choosing the Supporters Club?

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Shared by Marina • June 05, 2024

You may already know how special the Supporters Club is, and you may already know it is designed to empower your most dedicated fans to contribute directly to the success of your podcast.

However, do you know what set Spreaker Supporters Club apart from other similar tools?

Do you know why the Supporters Club it is the best choice for your podcast subscription?

If you are wondering why choosing the Supporters Club and not, for example, Patreon or BuyMeaCoffee, here it is the answer:

🤑 No Fees: Unlike other membership programs, the Supporter's Club is completely free for you and your listeners to join. This means more money stays in your pocket to invest back into your podcast.

🏡 No setting up complex payment systems or managing subscriptions : The Supporter's Club handles it all for you, inside your podcasting platform, so you can keep doing what you do best - being an incredible podcaster and not wasting time jumping from a platform to another.

Are you looking for a simple, hassle-free way to allow your listeners to support your show? Look no further than Spreaker's Supporters Club program.


Advertise your podcast with AdHub

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Shared by Andrea • April 17, 2024

🇺🇸 AdHub is our self-advertising tool, available for US users. It gives you the chance to promote your podcast with an audio ad on other targeted podcasts and be discovered by new listeners.

📣 Thanks to our dynamic advertising technology, your own promo can be automatically inserted into Spreaker’s massive catalog of podcasts and be heard by thousands of listeners regardless of the app they use.

AdHub gives you the ability to reach target listeners by allowing you to choose categories and audience interests to make sure that your audio promo is attracting the right listeners to your podcast. It also gives you the ability to track and see your results, in terms of impressions, geolocation, and categories.

If, for example, you have a podcast that specifically focuses on healthy eating and nutrition, you can upload an ad on AdHub, and specifically target podcast listeners who are interested in health & fitness. In this way, you are focusing on targeting people who not only are already podcast listeners but who are interested in your specific podcast topic. That is a good opportunity to increase listens and revenues.

🗣️ AdHub it is also the perfect tool if you want to launch a new podcast, you want to promote an event or why not your own business to people interested about that topic.

If you have doubts, you can check our dedicated section on the Help Center.

And if you would like to have this feature in your country and it is not available yet, please let us know and we will share your feedback with our team.


Meet Spreaker Next- your podcast platform, now more beautiful than ever!

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Shared by Caterina • March 20, 2024

In the last months, we put heart and soul on creating a new web listening experience and now we are incredibly happy to share it with you: Spreaker Next.

Have you already had the chance to try these cool features?

📱We know both our listeners and creators use Spreaker on the go, you can now enjoy a new listening platform optimized for mobile devices

🌚 We went for the dark mode to create a more enjoyable listening experience

🫶 You can follow your favorite podcast and be updated about new episodes

👑 Improved Supporters Club experience to increase discovery and gain even more supporters

📚In Your Library you will find followed and supported podcasts

🛣You can create your personal queue and listen to episodes in the order you want

We really hope you like our brand new look and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Contact us at with any suggestions or feedback you could have. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

New feature

Turn listeners in supporters: do the first move with Spreaker Supporters Club

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Shared by Filippo • March 05, 2024

We are happy to introduce the Supporters Club, a Monthly Subscription Feature where 100% of the Revenue goes to the Creators.

This feature is available to all the Pro podcasts hosted on Spreaker allowing listeners to directly support their favorite creators through a monthly subscription model.

Key Features of the Supporters Club:

💰 100% Revenue to Creators: Unlike traditional platforms, Spreaker takes no percentage from the subscription fee.

💎 Exclusive content for your loyal listeners: you can reward your supporters with special content, ad-free episodes, behind-the-scenes insights, premier episodes, or other valuable extras.

🍱 Everything in One Place: The Supporters Club eliminates the necessity of utilizing multiple platforms. It is an additional revenue stream within the Spreaker platform meaning creators can now have their ad revenue, and subscription revenue all under one roof.

Our Supporters Club marks a significant step towards empowering creators and fostering a more direct and sustainable connection between them and their audience. We believe that by channeling 100% of subscription revenue to the creators, we are not just providing a service but actively diversifying revenue possibilities and contributing to the growth and success of the creative community.

You can activate it, in the Monetization section of your podcast, after selecting it from the CMS.


How to attract listeners

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Shared by Caterina • January 25, 2024

Growing your podcast audience is something you should do regularly, dedicating just as much time and passion as you do when crafting and recording each podcast episode of yours. Here is how:

Focus on the launch

A good launch is crucial if you want to gain engaged listeners – and add a major mood boost too. If you need help, you can check the collection How to create a podcast in our Help Center or contact our CS team from here, they will be glad to help 🤗

Reach listeners on social media

Spreaker helps you massively in posting your content on social media, with a practical autoshare feature that automatically posts an update to your Facebook , X and YouTube account. We have also the Spreaker Podcast app where you can share your episodes directly on your Instagram stories. Each social media post should contain your unique insight into why people should listen to that episode and, ultimately, to your entire podcast.

Submit to podcatchers

Distribute your podcast to as many different podcast platforms as Spotify or Apple Podcasts, using our one-click and RSS Feed methods. Give your podcast maximum distribution possibilities by syndicating to all the major platforms, quickly and easily.

Transcribe your audio

Transcribing helps you grow your listener base, it is extremely useful in boosting your podcast SEO making it super easy to be reached by people who are actively searching for content like yours. You can use the tools we suggest here 📋

Start using paid advertising services

AdHub is our advertising tool, available for US users only, that will give you the chance to promote your podcast with an audio ad on other targeted podcasts.

Now that you have learned these tips, it is time to create your next episode! 🏃🏽‍♂️


Spreaker Podcast app

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Shared by Caterina • January 11, 2024

Happy New Year Spreaker community! 🍾

We wish you and your podcast the best for this 2024. Future is unpredictable, but we know we will for sure stay by your side and help you grow with our Revenue boost!

You are probably aware that listens from Spreaker products give you a 10% revenue boost: you can make more money with your listens directly on Spreaker! (app, website, widget)

And, speaking of Spreaker products, are you familiar with our Spreaker App? It’s the best listening and community experience for your audience!

Here are some reasons to push your listeners to Spreaker:

🤑 Do we need to remind you of the 10% revenue boost? Every listen counts more on Spreaker.

⭐️ It’s available both on iOS and Android: if you want to reach all your listeners, the Spreaker app is the perfect place.

👑 Your audience can be part of your Supporters Club. Get recurrent tipping from your fanbase as your dedicated listener supports your content and/or for getting access to exclusive content (similar to Patreon).

📱 Make yourself discoverable: we have Instagram stories sharing, as well as sharing to all the main social networks!

🌎 The app is available in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.

Show your audience how easy it is to listen to your content on our Spreaker app, you are going to see your revenue boosted!


New feature

Supporters Club is here!

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Shared by Andrea • December 15, 2023

Hello Spreaker Community,

It is the most wonderful time of the year and here at Spreaker we love Christmas🎅🏼

But before starting wrapping gifts and putting ornaments on the tree, we have something thrilling to tell you 🥹

Do you remember the last time we told you we were working on an exciting new feature?

TA-DA 🪄 the Supporters Club is here, this is our new tool that enables listeners to support you and your content by paying a monthly subscription. The most important part? 100% of the revenue goes to you! 🤗

We are still working on some last details, but we are glad to invite you to join the waiting list!

Hurry up, because this is a limited-seats waiting list: by joining us now, you can help to shape this new feature, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your podcast journey, needs, and goals.

Take some time during the Christmas holidays to grow your podcasting project and let us help you with the Supporters Club!🎄


Black Friday is here!

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Shared by Caterina • November 21, 2023

In the last few months, we have been tirelessly working on an exciting new feature. We truly believe that it will help you enjoy your experience with Spreaker even more 🫶

It is something big and we can’t wait to announce it but while we are so busy finalizing the last details, we surely haven’t forgotten about the Black Friday! 👯‍♀️

We offer a 50% OFF our professional plans until the 27th of November. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity, upgrade now and get access to some of our top-class features!

We will share with you a secret: the awesome feature we are launching very soon it is dedicated to Pro users 🤫

With the Black Friday discount, this is the best time to upgrade 😉


Spreaker Achievements

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Shared by Filippo • October 17, 2023

What is the best thing after you spend time working hard on your podcasts? For us, it is seeing and sharing some results with your community.

For that reason, we served all our Spreaker Creators an achievements section where you can store and share them 🥇

They can be found inside the “Podcasts” section of your Spreaker account, specifically within each podcast.

Achievements are a source of pride and valuable feedback that can help you boost your skills and develop new competencies. 🏋️

Do not lose this opportunity to let the world know about your nice job, we are always by your side celebrating every little and big milestone ❤️