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Important reminder about content

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Shared by Caterina β€’ September 26, 2023

Hello Spreaker friends, it is time for a reminder! πŸ””

If you have doubts about the content you can use on your podcast and if you wish to use copyrighted content, or content not originally made by you (like music mixes, songs, and audio clips) during your podcasts or broadcasts, please be aware that it is your responsibility to obtain any permissions or licenses.

However, please note that we do not allow copyrighted on the platform, and they can and will be removed once they are located. πŸ™…πŸΌβ€β™‚οΈπŸ™…πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Do you wonder if is music able to be played on Spreaker? 🎸 Spreaker is a podcasting company, which is supposed to be talk-centered. Please note that after further review if we have been notified, or detected that the content contains mostly music, it will be removed.

As stated within our Terms and Conditions as well as our Spreaker Community Rules, Spreaker is a podcast platform. Podcasts are meant to be in spoken format. This means that content that includes any DJ mixes, or music tracks is not allowed on the platform and they can and will be removed once they are located.

The laws and our terms about infringed rules are very strict.

So let's be creative! Share your voice with the world, just don’t infringe on other people’s copyrights when you do. We are eager to listen your next extraordinary podcast episode! πŸ’₯