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Embedding your podcast

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Shared by Filippo • August 24, 2023

Hello Spreaker podcasters 🙌🏽

If you have a website, do not forget that you can put the Spreaker embeddable podcast player on your pages.

You still have your hosting, play counts, and more taken care of by Spreaker.

Embedding the Spreaker player has many benefits such as:

  • People can listen and discover your podcast while browsing your site or where you embedded it (you can use this also to cross-promote your show)
  • Reach even more audience by increasing your podcast accessibility with transcriptions visible on the widget, nobody in the industry has this feature!
  • Listeners can comment, download and share your embedded episodes and podcast
  • You can customize it and match it to your branding. You can change player’s theme, size, and elements visibility and much more.

Start embedding your podcasts and episodes now!