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The Free Plan

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Shared by Caterina • August 11, 2023

Hey there, podcasting maestro! 🎙️

We are here to introduce Spreaker’s Free Plan – your passport to a podcasting oasis where you can recharge your inspiration, rejuvenate your energy, and most importantly, avoid leaving any money on the table. 🌟

That’s right, you don’t have to hit pause on your podcast or your earnings. Here’s a sneak peek at the treasure trove of benefits our Free Plan unfolds:

  • Monetization: No more missed opportunities. Your podcast, even on the Free Plan, becomes a revenue generator. So, while you’re recharging, your podcast keeps earning, effortlessly.
  • Unleash Unlimited Creativity: Your creativity shouldn’t be stifled, even when you’re taking a podcasting siesta. Craft unlimited episodes across a single podcast, ensuring your ideas flow freely, even while you’re soaking up some downtime.
  • Distribution: Your voice, your story – heard far and wide. Our Free Plan ensures your podcast reaches ears on major platforms like iHeartRadio, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts, amplifying your reach even as you relax.
  • RSS Customization: tailor your RSS Feeds to reflect your unique style, making every episode an extension of your artistic vision.

Got questions, thoughts, or just want to share your podcasting dreams? We’re here, eagerly waiting to hear from you. Your success is our anthem, and we’re here to compose the symphony of your podcasting achievements. 🎵 🌠

So, why wait? Unleash your podcasting prowess with Spreaker’s Free Plan today. Your journey – enriched with inspiration and income – starts here. 🎧💪