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Spreaker Prime Network

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Shared by Filippo • July 27, 2023

Have you noticed that some of our podcasts have a cool green badge now? Wondering what it means?

This is the new Spreaker Prime Network badge!

Spreaker Prime is a tailored free hosting and monetization plan designed to enable creators to earn the most money 💲 Maximizing ad revenue, increasing exposure, and streamlining publishing.

A talent pool for iHeartPodcasts, the Spreaker Prime Network is home to the best of the best in independent podcasting 🎧

Being on Prime Network means also being visible to potential advertisers and sponsors: now even more so with the badge! Also, listeners will be able to easily discover Prime podcasts on our platform thanks to this feature.

Would you like to apply and become part of this incredible network?

Don't miss this opportunity and click here.